Corcovado Kids

Based out of Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

  • Offers Adventure Tours

  • Uses 10% of earnings from tours to put clean drinking water in local schools

Provides educational adventures for families and small groups to discover the Osa Peninsula.

Focuses on improving the health of local children through clean water projects.

Teaching local children of Drake Bay since 2014. 

First clean water project

First Completed Clean Water Project!

While working at Corcovado Info Center for the past 4 years the founder Trista realized that tourism is how everyone survives in Drake Bay. She also saw how the lack of resources for children affected the community. She started Corcovado Kids as a way to create a direct line of support for the wellbeing of the children in the area.  When you book a tour with Corcovado Kids we donate a portion of that money to funding kids wellbeing in the area.

Currently, all proceeds go to putting rain catchment systems for clean drinking water in the local schools. Trista hopes to raise enough money one day to build an educational/recreational center for the community.

Vision: To have communities work together and thrive, creating a higher quality of life through educationcompassionand sustainability.

Offering You mindful adventures, empowering kids to support a better future.