This area was mainly uninhabited until about 40 years ago when several families heard about this unoccupied land and migrated over. Supplies being very difficult to bring into this remote area, those settling here knew they would be largely living off the land and doing without many of the commodities of life closer to the city. Since about 14 years ago, when they received electricity, tourism slowly began to increase and became the main source of income for most families.

While Drake Bay is growing fast, inviting new business and people to the area, we hope to aid in promoting and supporting sustainable development and community wellness through mindful adventures for You and educational opportunities for the children

Drake Bay  Costa Rica

Explore the last frontier of Costa Rica!

One of the last places in Costa Rica to be inhabited by people, Drake Bay still remains one of the most biologically intense places on earth. This small beach town brings together the tropical rainforest and the warm Pacific Ocean. Located well off the beaten path, it attracts true nature lovers - finding dolphins, whales, monkeys, sloths,  toucans, and macaws. Between the well-known Corcovado National Park and Caño Island which stands just off the coast, guests can easily experience the best of both worlds - jungle and sea.