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Best tours in Costa Rica

If you are looking for an adventure in a beautiful country Costa Rica is the place to go. I've traveled around and lived in Costa Rica for the last 5 years and here are the must do activities when you visit Costa Rica.

1. Corcovado National Park- Hiking in and around this park is like going to a zoo but there aren't any cages. The animals are used to people so many times you can get pretty close to animals like the Tapir and even boa constrictors.

2. Snorkeling or Diving at Cano Island- Now best to come December through August to avoid the rain but there is so much marine life living around this island you can be sure to see tons of tropical fish, sharks, turtles, rays, and maybe dolphins.

3. Fishing on the South Pacific off of the Osa Peninsula- Now if you like to fish this is the place for it. All year round the fishing off the coast of Drake Bay is incredible and the best part is you really don't have to go to far to catch snapper, tuna, marlin, mackerel, mahi mahi amoung many other fish.

4. Whale/dolphin watching- Now this depends on the season. If you want to see a handful of humack whale mothers with their calfs come to Drake Bay mid-July through October. You can also see whales and many species of dolphins mid-December throught March.

5. Selvatura Adventure Park- This park is located in Monteverde it has hanging bridges that allow you to see the cloud forest from a different angle. The mystic beauty of this forest will leave you mezmorized. They also have a great ziplining tour which is a thrilling adventure for the family.

There is so much to experience and enjoy while visiting Costa Rica. If you need more advice or would like more information about reserving any of these tours please contact us at https://www.corcovadokids.org/contact

We can answer any questions you have and book any activity for you. When you book with Corcovado Kids you are directly supporting our local community, helping to bring safe drinking water to the schools and more educational opportunities for the children.

We appreciate you consideration.

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