• Trista Goforth

See Humpback Whales in Costa Rica

Every year off the coast of Drake Bay, Costa Rica hundreds to thousands of Humback Whales come through this warm South Pacific Ocean. You can start seeing the Humpback Whales coming from the Northern Hemisphere as early as late December through April. This is a great time to visit Drake Bay not only to see the whales but also the Spinner Dolphins among many other marine and terrestial animals. Drake Bay is located right on the outskirts of Corcovado National Park which is known world wide for the intense biodiversity. Great for nature lovers and hikers :)

Now if you can't make it in the early months of the year and you really want a chance to see lots of Humpback Whales come late July through December. This is when you can see the Southern migration of Humpback Whales right off the coast of Drake Bay. Sometimes you can even see them from the beach. There are thousands of whales coming from the south comprared to the hundreds that come from the north. Last year I went out just once in September and saw 7 Humpback Whales in just 4 hours, now that was a gift from God that everyone should experience!

If you want more information how you can see these magnificant creatures up close, just send me a message or visit my website www.corcovadokids.org and contact us there with your questions. Corcovado Kids not only organizes adventures in Costa Rica we also give 10-20% of everything we earn back to the community of Drake Bay. We are supporting a clean water project for the local schools and I also teach free Engli

sh and skill building classes to the children. Our goal is to support the sustainable development of the community by supporting the children to learn how to become self-sufficent. Come on an adventure of a lifetime and support the local community develop in a safe and healthy way.

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