• Trista Goforth

What if you had no choice but to drink contaminated water everyday?

Corcovado Kids is working right now to put rain catchment systems at the local schools in and around Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

With the support from LiveGlobally a nonprofit in North Carolina we have raised almost enough money to put the first system at the school in Drake Bay. With this system the children will have clean safe water to drink and can even take clean water home for their families.

When you book tours with Corcovado Kids 10-20% will go to supporting the kids wellbeing. Corcovado Kids aims to be a direct line of support for the kids. Currently offering free educatonal classes they also plan to build a library and eventually a community/recreational center to help the children and families prosper. Book your adventure today and support the children.

This is a picture from a water project LiveGlobally did in Africa. Corcovado Kids is so thankful to have teamed up with them in providing clean water to the kids in Drake Bay.

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