Trista Goforth

Trista has worked with kids for over 14 years. She started out in childcare but has taught leadership, gymnastics, environmental education, and many other subjects.

Trista's love for children, community, and learning encouraged the idea of Corcovado Kids. She loves to teach and wants Corcovado Kids to consistently aid in the wellbeing, education and sustainable growth of the community. She's dedicated to promoting self-reliance and social responsibility to this fast-growing rainforest town.

Being in Costa Rica has helped Trista expand her mind and heal from the inside out and that is something she strives to share with everyone. 

"We are all here to serve in some way, let us create a healthier more peaceful future together."

Trista Goforth

Jairo Picado

Jairo has a huge love for the natural environment and helping people. He always goes out of his way to help another. He is very passionate about teaching others about the rainforest and enjoying the natural beauty God gifted us. He is our main naturalist guide certified with INT in Costa Rica. Jairo has over 10 years experience being a guide in Costa Rica and loves working with families. His passion for helping others is what brought him to work with Corcovado Kids and he's dedicated to contributing to the sustainable development of Drake and the wellbeing of the community through helping the kids.